9.12.010   Definitions.
   The following terms used in this chapter, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, shall have the respective meanings set forth in this section:
   A.   "Posted boundary" means a line running from sign to sign and such line need not conform to the legal boundary or legal description of any lot, parcel, or acreage of land, but only the area within the "posted boundary" shall constitute "posted property," except as otherwise provided in subsection E of Section 9.12.030.
   B.   "Posted property" means any property specified in Section 9.12.020 which is posted in a manner provided in Section 9.12.030.
   C.   "Sign" means a sign affixed not less than three feet nor more than six feet above the ground level at the place of posting as specified in Section 9.12.030, which sign shall consist of wood, metal, or other substantial material, with a face of not less than one square foot in area and upon which in letters not less than two inches in height, either black against a white background or white against a black background, or contrasting colors, appear, in addition to such other information as may be placed thereon, the following: TRESPASSING, LOITERING FORBIDDEN BY LAW."
(Prior code § 9.48.010 (Ord. 229 § 1, 1940))