(a)   All refuse containers shall be provided by the City. The following items may be placed into refuse containers:
      (1)   Garbage
      (2)   Refuse
   (b)   The following items shall not be placed into refuse containers:
      (1)   Yard waste
      (2)   Tree limbs and wood
      (3)   Concrete and rocks
      (4)   Sod
      (5)   Building rubbish
      (6)   Demolition debris
      (7)   Furniture
      (3)   Heavy metals, such as car parts
      (9)   Appliances
      (10)   Tires
      (11)   Car batteries
      (12)   Dead animals
      (13)   Crank case oil
      (14)   Infectious, hazardous, household or industrial wastes
      (15)   Fly ash, hot ash or items that are smoldering or on fire or capable of re-igniting.
   (c)   No person, other than those property owners paying the established collection fee, or their renters, may use a City refuse container. Users of the City refuse containers are authorized to use only the refuse container assigned by the City to their residential or commercial property. No person, other than one who has, in advance, paid the established fee and been assigned a refuse container, shall place any item identified in Section 1060.11(a), or any other materials, in a City refuse container.
   (d)   Roll-out containers shall be placed adjacent to the curb on the designated pick-up day and removed by the end of that same day. Roll-out containers shall be placed where they are away from obstacles such as vehicles, posts, overhead wires or tree limbs, etc., so that they may be picked up directly by the sanitation trucks. Rollout containers shall not be set out on the street before or after the designated day. Containers must be accessible to the type of sanitation vehicle used by the City or such containers will not be picked up.
   (e)   Waste containers shall be maintained only by the Solid Waste Department. Normal repairs for wear and tear and/or replacement of containers shall be provided by the City at no charge to the user. User should notify the City of the need for repair or replacement of their containers.
   (f)   Misuse or negligence in the care of waste containers, by overloading, loading with improper waste products, as set forth in subsection (b) hereof, accidental damage, improper storage and/or theft, will result in the user being billed for repair or replacement costs. Users should notify the City of the need for repair or replacement of their container. Hit and run accidental damage to a container must be reported to the Police Division for investigation and prosecution.
   (g)   No person shall dispose of any household or commercial solid waste or refuse into refuse containers other than those containers that are assigned to the citizen or commercial/industrial business paying disposal charges for the same, or their renters.
   (h)   Tree limbs and other large items, as set forth in paragraphs (b)(1) through (10) hereof, may be disposed of by the Solid Waste Department when requested by the owners or tenants occupying the property, or delivered to the landfill. Disposal charges shall be set by the City Manager.
   (i)   Dead animals can only be disposed of by delivery to the landfill for immediate burial. Disposal charges shall be set by the City Manager.
   (j)   Small quantities of noncommercial waste of crank case oil and household and garden hazardous waste can be disposed of by private delivery to the landfill. Each item must be clearly marked as to contents. Two or more different chemical substances may not be mixed together in one container These materials shall be stored in a covered building and prepared for proper disposal by the City-licensed landfill operator to an authorized hazardous waste landfill/incinerator. The City may levy a fee, as determined by the City Manager, to cover the costs of handling and disposal of these residential quantities of hazardous waste. No person shall dispose of these items in any other manner. Hazardous waste shall be disposed of through an authorized hazardous waste landfill/incinerator.
   (k)   Large refuse items that cannot be deposited in the City containers may also be privately delivered to the landfill for disposal.
   (l)   All types of building rubbish waste, demolition debris, refuse from construction projects and tree limbs removed by commercial tree trimmers, may be commercially hauled and disposed of at the City landfill under such regulations as are prescribed by the City Manager and upon payment of a landfill use fee as provided in Section 1060.13.
(Ord. 1343. Passed 5-28-96.)