Fees for the operation of the City Landfill shall be determined by the City Manager and shall include a minimum solid waste collection fee and a minimum solid waste disposal fee for every residential and commercial location in the City. The City Manager is hereby given authority to fix such fees, which shall be charged to all such user locations and which shall be in addition to the receptacle collection/disposal fee charged for those using curbside receptacle service. The minimum fee charged for services provided shall include recycling collection and disposal, white goods, tires, batteries, hazardous household waste disposal (for which an additional transfer fee may be charged) and yard waste disposal and composting. All such fees shall be approved by resolution of Council. Fees shall be payable monthly, in advance, at the City offices. All fees so collected shall be deposited to the credit of the Division of Sanitation and/or the Division of Landfill, as applicable. The owner, agent, purchaser, tenant and lessee of the place of abode or place of business furnished with such collection service or charged minimum fees shall be jointly and severally liable for the payment of fees.
(Ord. 1343. Passed 5-28-96.)