General Provisions
   112.01   Short title
   112.02   Definitions
   112.03   Grant of authority to operate cable television system and term of franchise; non-exclusivity
   112.04   Filing of written acceptance by company
   112.05   Compliance with laws, ordinances and regulations
   112.06   Indemnification of town; insurance requirements
   112.07   Deadline for commencement of service; extension of service area
   112.08   General standard of service; non-liability
   112.09   Free service to Town Hall
   112.10   Rates and charges
   112.11   Access to town records and other information; filing of rules and regulations with town Clerk-Treasurer
   112.12   Complaint and problem resolution
   112.13   Equal employment
   112.14   Prohibition of sales or service of radios, televisions and the like
   112.15   Franchise fee
   112.16   Assignment or transfer of franchise; restriction; procedure
Construction Standards and Requirements
   112.30   Supervision by town
   112.31   Compliance with National Electrical Code
   112.32   Disturbance of existing properties and facilities; restoration
   112.33   Use of existing utility poles when available; when underground placement available
   112.45   Authority of company to trim trees
   112.46   Temporary removal of wires to permit moving buildings
   112.47   Relocation to conform with street modifications
   112.48   Vacation of streets or utility easements; removal of cable system and restoration of property