A.   Qualifications:
      1.   Residence: The membership of the department shall consist of such persons as may apply and be approved by the department and shall be able bodied citizens residing within the City, preferably property owners whose business activities are normally within a thirty (30) minute response time of Shelby.
      2.   Physical Examination: Determination of whether candidates are able bodied shall be determined by a physical examination by a practicing physician duly authorized to practice in this State, which examination shall be in writing and filed with the Fire Department. Such examination shall disclose the ability of such applicant to perform such physical work usually required of firefighters in the performance of their duty.
      3.   Other Qualifications: All other qualifications except the physical one shall be determined by the Chief and such requirements shall be approved by the Mayor and City Council.
      4.   Age: Minimum age shall be legal age, able bodied and fireline interviewed for all new applicants.
      5.   Mandatory Attendance: All members must make fifty percent (50%) of all meetings and forty percent (40%) of all fires annually or said member will be brought before the officers for department status.
      6.   Background Check: New applicants will have a background check; any applicant found to have a felony charge or conviction will not be considered for appointment.
      7.   New Member Requirements: Newly appointed members to the department must serve a probationary period of twelve (12) months, complete a thirty (30) hour basic firefighting course, carry a current first aid/CPR card, and pass a six (6) month test on all apparatus before being fully approved as a regular firefighter in good standing.
   B.   Suspension Or Discharge: Any member of the department may be suspended or discharged from the department by the Chief at any time the Chief may deem such action necessary for the good of the department. On written request of such member to the Mayor and the City Council, the member shall be given a public hearing on the charges brought by the Chief. (Ord. 810, 1-7-2013; amd. Ord. 835, 1-9-2019; Ord. 842, 7-20-2020)