8-1-3: CHIEF:
   A.   Tenure: The Chief's tenure of office shall depend upon good conduct and efficiency. (Ord. 810, 1-7-2013)
   B.   Qualifications: The Chief shall be technically qualified by training and a minimum of ten (10) years' experience and shall have the ability to command firefighters and hold their respect and confidence. (Ord. 835, 1-9-2019)
   C.   Removal: The Chief shall be removed only for just cause. The Chief can request a public hearing before the City Council and Mayor.
   D.   Reports:
      1.   Generally: The Chief shall be held accountable to the Mayor and City Council only, and shall make written and verbal reports thereto as the Mayor and City Council may require. All other department officers shall be accountable to the Chief only.
      2.   Quarterly: The Chief shall report quarterly to the Mayor and the City Council the condition of the apparatus and equipment; the number of fires during the month, their location and cause and date of same and loss occasioned thereby; the number and purpose of all other runs made; and the number of members responding to each fire or other run; and any changes made in membership.
      3.   Annual: The Chief shall make a complete annual report to the Mayor and the City Council within one month before the close of the fiscal year, such report to include the information specified in subsection H of this section, together with comparative data for previous years and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the department and funds needed for the ensuing year.
   E.   Formulation And Enforcement Of Rules: The Chief shall formulate and enforce a set of rules and regulations to govern the department, and shall be responsible to the Mayor and the City Council for the personnel, morale and general efficiency of the department.
   F.   Determining Composition And Number Of Companies: The Chief shall determine the number and kind of companies of which the department is to be composed and shall determine the response of such companies to alarms.
   G.   Conducting Drills: The Chief shall, at least once a month, conduct suitable drills or instruction in the operation and handling of equipment, first aid and rescue work, salvage, a study of buildings in the City, fire prevention, water supplies and all other matters generally considered essential to good firemanship and safety of life and property from fire.
   H.   Keeping Records: The Chief shall see that complete records are kept of all fires, inspections, apparatus and minor equipment, personnel and other information about the work of the department. (Ord. 810, 1-7-2013)