Chap.  501.  Admissions Tax.
      Chap.  503.  Alarm Businesses and Systems.
      Chap.  505.  Amusement Devices.
      Chap.  507.  Automobile Sales Businesses.
      Chap.  509.  Business Operations.
      Chap.  515.  Fair Housing.
      Chap.  516.  Discrimination Prohibitions in Employment and Public
      Chap.  517.  Going-Out-of-Business Sales.
      Chap.  521.  Helicopters and Helistops.
      Chap.  531.  Pawnbrokers; Dealers in Secondhand Articles.
      Chap.  533.  Private Investigators and Private Police.
      Chap.  541.  Self-Service Dry Cleaning and Laundry Establishments.
      Chap.  543.  Snowplowing.
      Chap.  545.  Solicitation of Sales of Goods and Services.
      Chap.  546.  Mobile Food and Game Vehicles.
      Chap.  547.  Contractor License.
      Chap.  599.  Penalty.