Pawnbrokers; Dealers in Secondhand Articles
531.01   Definition.
531.02   License required; application.
531.03   License term, fee and nontransferability.
531.04   Bond required.
531.05   Records of transactions; contents and inspection.
531.06   Submission of daily report to police.
531.07   Article redemption limitation.
531.08   Receipts for articles and payments.
531.09   Auction of pawned property.
531.10   Hours of operation.
531.11   Pledge from minors or intoxicated persons; employment of minors.
531.12   Pawning mechanics' tools; proof of ownership.
531.13   License revocation.
531.14   Duty of dealer in secondhand articles.
      Pawnbrokers; dealers in precious metals - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 4727; OAC Ch. 1301:8-5