(a)   The Chief of Police shall issue an amusement device permit if the applicant for such permit is found to have the requisite fitness to obtain such permit, upon the compliance with all pertinent City and State codes of applicant's floor plan for the placement and location of amusement devices, and upon payment of the proper fee.
   (b)   The annual fee for the permit shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) per amusement device for the first two devices placed upon applicant's business premises, and one hundred dollars ($100.00) per each additional amusement device upon such premises.  However, fees paid in calendar year 1982 shall be reduced on a pro rata basis from January 1 to the effective date of this section.
   (c)   Each permit shall be displayed in a readily visible location upon the business premises.
   (d)   Applications for the renewal of an amusement device permit shall be upon a form prescribed by the Chief of Police and may be filed with him after October 1, but before December 1, of the year preceding the calendar year for which the renewal is being sought.  The Chief of Police shall not renew a permit until he shall have determined that the applicant remains eligible to receive a renewal of the permit, and that the premises referred to in the permit is in compliance with all applicable provisions of the City Business Regulation Code or other laws of the City of Shaker Heights and State of Ohio pertaining to business operation.  In the event of nonrenewal, the Chief of Police shall state his reason for nonrenewal in writing.
   (e)   Each amusement device permit represents permission for the use of one (1) amusement device, and is freely transferable to a replacement amusement device of similar size upon the same business premises, but is not transferable to any replacement device of greatly dissimilar size, or to any amusement device upon other business premises owned or operated by the permit holder or any other person.
(Ord. 81-111.  Enacted 2-22-82.)