14-1-1: Obstructions Designated
14-1-2: Water Flowing Upon Streets
14-1-3: Sidewalk Display Of Merchandise
14-1-4: Safety Requirements For Windowsills
14-1-5: Removal Of Snow And Ice
14-1-6: Penalty
   The following are declared to be obstructions to the streets and sidewalks of the city:
   A.   Obstructing Traffic At Intersections: All trees, hedges, billboards or other obstructions which prevent persons driving vehicles approaching an intersection of public highways from having a clear view of traffic approaching the intersection from cross streets, for one hundred feet (100') along the cross streets measured from the property line.
   B.   Tree Limbs Projecting Over Streets And Sidewalks: All limbs of trees which project over a public sidewalk or street and which are less than eight feet (8') above the surface of the public sidewalk and eleven feet (11') above the surface of the street.
   C.   Wires Over Streets, Public Grounds: All wires over streets, alleys or public grounds which are strung less than twenty feet (20') above the surface of the ground and all wires not licensed by the city.
   D.   Damaged Buildings, Walls, Structures: All buildings, walls and other structures which have been damaged by fire, decay or otherwise, and which are so situated as to endanger the safety of the public, or otherwise built, erected or maintained in violation of this section.
   E.   Signs Hanging Over Streets, Sidewalks: All hanging signs, awnings and other similar structures over the streets or sidewalks so situated or constructed as to endanger public safety, and that are less than seven feet (7') in the clear above the street or sidewalk.
   F.   Miscellaneous Obstructions; Permit Requirement: All gasoline pumps, gasoline storage reservoirs, oil pumps, oil reservoirs, tire repair apparatus, tire tools or equipment, water hose connections, storage reservoir inlets or outlets, compressed air hose connections or housing for same, any merchandise businesses or any tools, stand, equipment or appurtenances thereof, and any radio aerials, poles and wires therefor, whether permanent or temporary, or any other obstructions upon any part of the public streets, alleys or sidewalks, unless a special permit is granted by the mayor and council, which permit, when granted, may be revoked at any time.
   G.   Ice And Snow Falling From Buildings; Water Drainage: The allowing of ice and snow to fall from any building or structure, or water to drain from any cooling or refrigeration system upon any street, sidewalk, alley or driveway.
   H.   Riding Bicycles, Skateboards On Sidewalks: The driving, riding or use of bicycles, skateboards, or roller skates on sidewalks located in retail or commercial districts of the city. (2000 Code § 14-101)
   It is unlawful for any person to allow any water to flow into or upon any public thoroughfare except as directed by the director of public works. (2000 Code § 14-102; amd. Ord. 1076, 3-11-2008, eff. 4-10-2008)
   A.   Obstructing Sidewalks: It shall be unlawful for any person to leave or deposit or cause to be left or deposited upon any sidewalk, any article or thing whatsoever that will obstruct or otherwise encumber the same, except as expressly provided by ordinance.
   B.   Business Displays During Business Hours: Businesses in the city may display merchandise for sale on the sidewalks in front of the business. Such displays shall be arranged so that an area of passage of not less than seventy two inches (72") in width shall remain unobstructed and such displays shall be taken in at the close of business day.
   C.   Compliance Required: No displays of merchandise shall be placed on sidewalks other than as permitted in subsection B of this section. (2000 Code § 14-103)
   It is unlawful for any person to place or keep on any windowsill, porch or other projection above the first story of any building abutting on any sidewalk any article which might do injury by falling upon any person on the sidewalk in front of such building, unless the article is securely fastened or protected by screens. (2000 Code § 14-104)
   A.   Responsibility: It shall be the duty of the owner or tenant of any premises abutting or adjoining any public sidewalk to remove all snow and ice from the sidewalk. (2000 Code § 14-105)
   B.   Failure Of Owner To Remove; City Removal; Cost Assessment:
      1.   The city may give notice to any owner or tenant of any property to remove snow and ice, which notice shall be given personally or, if personal notice cannot be given, notice shall be sent by registered mail to the last known address of the owner, tenant or occupant. The owner or occupant shall have not more than twenty four (24) hours from and after receipt of the notice within which to remove the snow and ice as set forth in the notice.
      2.   Upon failure of an owner or tenant to comply with the provisions of the section, the city shall have the right to remove such snow and ice and assess the cost thereof against the premises abutting the sidewalk. The assessment shall be certified to the proper county official having charge of the making of the assessment roll and the charge shall be placed on the assessment roll and collected in the same manner as other municipal taxes are collected. (2000 Code § 14-106)
14-1-6: PENALTY:
   Any person found violating any provision of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined as provided in section of this code. (2000 Code § 14-107)