11-1-1: Board Created
11-1-2: Members; Terms
11-1-3: Filling Vacancies
11-1-4: Organization; Powers
11-1-5: Rules And Regulations
11-1-6: Annual Report Required
11-1-7: Donations
11-1-8: Council Power
11-1-9: Violation; Penalty
   There is created a library board to consist of six (6) members who shall be citizens of the city appointed with reference to their fitness by the mayor with the consent of the council. Members shall serve without compensation. (2000 Code § 11-101; amd. Ord. 1068, 1-8-2008, eff. 2-7-2008)
   Members of the library board shall be appointed for a term of three (3) years, and the term of only two (2) members shall regularly expire each year. Appointments shall be made before May 1 of each year. Any member may be removed for cause by the mayor with the consent of the council. (2000 Code § 11-102)
   Vacancies on the board occasioned by removals, resignations or otherwise shall be reported to the council, and shall be filled in the same manner as original appointments are made. (2000 Code § 11-103)
   A.   Officers; Bylaws: The board shall, immediately after appointment, meet and organize by the election of one of their number as president and such other officers as they may deem necessary. They shall make and adopt bylaws, rules and regulations for their own guidance and for the government of the library and reading rooms as may be expedient, not inconsistent with this chapter.
   B.   Control Of Expenditures: They shall have the exclusive control of the expenditures of all monies collected and placed to the credit of the library fund and of the supervision, care and custody of the grounds, rooms or buildings constructed, leased or set apart for that purpose. All monies received for the library shall be deposited in the treasury of the city to the credit of the library fund, and shall be kept separate and apart from other money of the city, and shall be paid out only upon properly authenticated vouchers of the library board, approved by the mayor and council.
   C.   Powers:
      1.   Librarian And Assistants, Appointment: The board shall have the power to appoint a suitable librarian and necessary assistants, fix their compensation, and remove such appointees for cause, and shall, in general, carry out the spirit and intent of this chapter.
      2.   Accept Donations: The board shall have the power to accept, or in its discretion to decline, donations tendered as provided in this chapter for the purpose of maintaining and augmenting collections other than of printed books and periodicals.
      3.   Powers Subject To City Approval: All powers delegated to the board shall be exercised subject to the approval of the mayor and council. (2000 Code § 11-104)
   The library or reading room shall be subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as the board may adopt in order to render the use of the library and reading room to the greatest number. The board may exclude from the use of the library and reading room any and all persons who wilfully violate such rules. (2000 Code § 11-105)
   The board shall make, on or before April 1 in each year, an annual report to the council stating:
   A.   The condition of their trust on March 1 of the year;
   B.   The various sums of money received from the library fund and other sources;
   C.   How much money has been expended and for what purposes;
   D.   The number of books and periodicals on hand;
   E.   The number of books added by purchase, gift or otherwise during the year;
   F.   The number of books lost or missing; (2000 Code § 11-106; amd. Ord. 1068, 1-8-2008, eff. 2-7-2008)
   G.   The number of persons attending;
   H.   The amount of books loaned out;
   I.   The general character and kind of such books; and
   J.   Such other statistics, information and suggestions as they may deem of general interest. (2000 Code § 11-106)
11-1-7: DONATIONS:
   Any person desiring to make donations of money, personal property or real estate, for the benefit of the library or for the establishment, maintenance or endowment of public lectures in connection with the library upon any subject designated by the donor in the field of literature, science and the arts shall have the right to vest the title to the money and personal property or real estate so donated in the board, to be held and controlled by the board when accepted according to the terms of the deed, gift, devise or bequest of such property. However, the establishment, maintenance or public lectures in the interest of any political party, politics or sectarian religion are expressly prohibited. The board shall be held and considered to be special trustee of any donations and endowments as provided in this section. (2000 Code § 11-107)
   The library and reading room may be used for such other public purposes as the council may deem proper and shall always be subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as the council may adopt, in order to render the use of the library and reading room of the greatest benefit to the greatest number. (2000 Code § 11-108)
   A.   Any person who wilfully violates any rules and regulations regularly adopted by the board for the government, care and use of the library and reading room is guilty of an offense and punished accordingly.
   B.   Any person who destroys or defaces any book, periodical or other property of the library, or who fails to return any such property at such time as the same should have been returned, and fails to comply with the regulations of the board thereto, is guilty of an offense and punished accordingly. (2000 Code § 11-109)