5-1-1: Building Code Adopted; Revisions
5-1-2: Building And House Numbers
5-1-3: Violation; Penalty
5-1-4: Hotel And Motel Contractors
   A.   A certain document, two (2) copies of which are on file in the Office of the City Clerk of the City of Seminole, being marked and designated as the International Building Code, 2015 edition, including all appendix chapters as published by the International Code Council, be and is hereby adopted as the Building Code of the City of Seminole, in the State of Oklahoma, for regulating and governing the conditions and maintenance of all property, buildings and structures; by providing the standards for supplied utilities and facilities and other physical things and conditions essential to ensure that structures are safe, sanitary and fit for occupation and use; and the condemnation of buildings and structures unfit for human occupancy and use and the demolition of such structures as herein provided; providing for the issuance of permits and collection of fees therefor; and each and all of the regulations, provisions, penalties, conditions and terms of said Building Code on file in the office of the City of Seminole are hereby referred to, adopted and made a part thereof, as if fully set out in this section, with the additions, insertions, deletions and changes, if any, prescribed in subsection B of this section.
   B.   The following sections are hereby revised:
   Section 101.1. City of Seminole.
   Section 1507.8. Wood Shingles. The installation of wood shingles in new construction is prohibited unless the distance to adjacent structures is a minimum of 30 feet. The installation of wood shingles shall comply with the provisions of this section and table 1507.8.
   Section 1507.9. Wood Shakes. The installation of wood shakes in new construction is prohibited unless the distance to adjacent structures is a minimum of 30 feet. The installation of wood shakes shall comply with the provisions of this section and table 1507.8.
   Section 1510. Reroofing. Is amended by adding the following sections:
1510.1.1: Wood shingles and shakes shall not be permitted as roof coverings on structures within the city. Existing wood shingle roofs may be repaired using wood shingles when the area to be repaired is less than 25 percent of the existing total roof area. Exception: Wood shingles are allowed when there is a 30-foot distance from adjacent structures.
1510.1.2: Permit Requirements: The building official shall issue permits for the replacement of all roofs for structures located within the city limits.
   Section 1612.3. City of Seminole.
   Section 1612.3. October 31, 2015.
(Ord. 1181, 9-8-2015)
   All buildings and houses fronting on a public street are required to attach to, or in front of, the building or house the correct number, as assigned by the Building Department, the minimum size being three inches (3") in height and visible from the street. (Ord. 1181, 9-8-2015)
   Any person found violating any provision of this title or the codes adopted shall, upon conviction, be punished as provided in section of this Code. (Ord. 1181, 9-8-2015)
   A.   License Required: All general and subcontractors obtaining a permit for the construction of hotel or motel space shall be licensed with the Office of Community Development until June 1, 2023. General contractors and sub-contractors must certify that all contractors will be licensed by the State of Oklahoma and be in compliance with the Construction Industries Board.
   B.   License Required, Commercial: A commercial license shall be issued upon verification of a current and valid registration through the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board, unless exempt by said board regulations. A commercial license shall be valid for construction of hotel or motel units within the boundaries of the City of Seminole.
   C.   License Term And Fee:
      1.   Licenses shall be valid for up to one year and shall expire on May 31 of each year. The annual fee is as follows:
Hotel units
$2,000.00 per unit
Motel units
1,000.00 per unit
   D.   License Suspension Or Revocation: The Director of Community Development and/or the building inspector shall have the authority to suspend or revoke any license for continuous violations of this title or for good cause shown. When the revocation of any such license is to be considered, the contractor shall have at least three (3) days' notice in writing of the time and place of a revocation hearing, together with a statement of the grounds upon which it is proposed to revoke such license.
   E.   Permits For The Construction Of A Hotel/Motel: A commercial building permit shall be issued only to a licensed hotel/motel contractor as required by this section.
   F.   Violation; Penalty: Any person found violating this provision of this chapter, upon conviction, shall be punished in accordance with sections and 1-1-9 of this Code. (Ord. 1217, 4-10-2018)