A.   Description: Mobile vendor is described as any vendor who sells wares from a mobile vehicle, trailer, pop-up tent, or any other type of non-permanent structure used for the sale of food or merchandise and can be taken down at the end of the day for transport. This includes mobile vendors who provide free services to the public, including, but not limited to, hearing aid testing and cellular phones.
   B.   Location: A mobile vendor cannot be within three hundred feet (300') of the following streets inside city limits:
      1.   Broadway Avenue
      2.   Boren Boulevard
      3.   Wrangler Boulevard (also known as State Highway 9)
      4.   Milt Phillips Avenue (also known as State Highway 99 or US 377)
      5.   Harvey Road (also known as US 270)
      6.   Designated Area Exception: A "designated area" for mobile vendors may be approved for short periods of time upon application to the Office of Community Development. All applications must be submitted at least one week in advance of the event. The Director of Community Development shall be authorized to approve or disapprove the application.
      7.   A permanent designated area may be determined by the City Council.
   C.   Permit: All mobile vendors must obtain a daily or annual permit before establishing any vending operations. The permit fees are as follows:
      1.   Daily Permit Fee: Thirty five dollars ($35.00) per day.
      2.   Annual Permit Fee: Two hundred dollars ($200.00) per year each calendar year. Annual fees shall be required for any vendor who parks or operates from a certain location on a frequent or regular basis.
      3.   Exceptions: Fees may be waived for the following:
         a.   City-wide events sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Seminole Main Street Association, Seminole Public Schools, or similar event;
         b.   Non-profit mobile vendor with 501(c)(3) or other appropriate non-profit designation;
         c.   Special events approved for waiver of fees upon application to the Permit Board.
   D.   Documentation: All mobile vendors must provide appropriate documentation from the Oklahoma Tax Commission, Oklahoma Health Department or other government agencies as may be applicable to the Office of Community Development upon application for permit or upon request.
   E.   Municipal Property: Mobile vendors may only utilize Municipal property with the consent of the City Manager or his/her designee. Any request to utilize or access Municipal property for mobile vending operations shall be approved by the Permit Board. This provision shall not apply to lessees of Municipal property or vendors approved by the Director of the Donald W. Reynolds Community and Wellness Center.
   F.   Notification: All mobile vendors shall be required to notify the Office of Community Development within twenty four (24) hours in advance of arrival and commencing operations, unless an annual permit is issued. Permit fees shall be paid in advance or upon arrival to the Office of Community Development.
   G.   Denial: The Director of Community Development may deny the issuance of a permit under the following circumstances:
      1.   Information in the application is false, lacking or unverifiable;
      2.   Verification cannot be obtained regarding current status of OTC permit;
      3.   Unresolved customer complaints are found to exist involving any matter related to the business activities of the applicant;
      4.   A person has a history of criminal conduct which may pose a threat to the protection of the public good;
      5.   A person's character and/or business reputation are determined to be unsound and contrary to the public good.
   H.   Exceptions: The following vendors shall be exempt from obtaining an annual or daily permit as follows:
      1.   Fireworks vendors who have obtained a proper license pursuant to chapter 10 of this title.
      2.   Farmers who market produce pursuant to subsection A of this title.
      3.   Any other license or permit required by this title. (Ord. 1203, 5-9-2017; amd. Ord. 1234, 11-12-2019)