35.01   Notification of complaint
   35.02   Data processing hardware and software
   35.03   Disposition of county-controlled software
   35.04   Excessive force by law enforcement; civil rights demonstrations
   35.05   County-owned vehicles and equipment; display emblems
   35.06   Use of force policy
   35.07   Work release program
   35.08   No smoking/tobacco use policy
   35.09   Referendum petitions; filing
   35.10   Anti-displacement plan
   35.11   Jurors; rate of pay and reimbursement
   35.12   Travel expense reimbursement policies and procedures
   35.13   Interim filling of a vacancy for the office of sheriff during times of emergency
   35.14   Electronic warrants transfer system
   35.15   Cell phones and other mobile devices
   35.16   Purchase or lease of copiers
   35.17   Exchange or transfer of property with other counties, municipalities and institutions of higher education
   35.99   Penalty