§ 70.99 PENALTY.
   (A)   Any person violating any provision of this Title VII for which no other specific penalty has been enacted shall be punished as provided in § 10.97.
   (B)   Any person violating any provision of this Title VII for which a penalty is set forth in the Cal. Vehicle Code shall be punished as provided in the Cal. Vehicle Code.
   (C)   (1)   Parking violations. Any violation of any provision of Chapter 72, or any other provision concerning the parking of a motor vehicle, shall be punished as infractions, as established by City Council resolution from time to time as a bail schedule for the violations listed in division (C)(2) of this section.
      (C)   (2)   Applicable bail schedule.
Code Section
Code Section
Signals, signs, and the like, erected by county prior to incorporation of city
Compliance with traffic-control devices
Markers, buttons or signs indicating turns at intersections
Authorized signs; compliance required
Right turns against stop signals
Reports of accidents involving damage to public property
Stopping prior to crossing sidewalk area when emerging from driveway, alley, and the like
Driving through funeral processions
Clinging to moving vehicles
Driving on sidewalks
Noisy vehicles or motors prohibited; exceptions
Driving on new pavement or freshly painted markings
Driving onto and from limited access roadways
Streets where commercial vehicles prohibited
Driving through, around, or under barriers at railroad crossings
Trains and railway cars blocking traffic in excess of 10 minutes
Crossing roadways generally
Crossing roadways at crosswalks
Standing in roadways
Driving, stopping, standing, or parking within parkways
Parking vehicles in excess of 72 consecutive hours prohibited
Parking to display for sale, washing, greasing, and the like
Same — on public parking lots
Same — on private property
Parking in driveway or on private property
Parallel parking on right side of streets required
Parking on left side of one-way streets
Angle parking
Parking adjacent to schools
Parking on narrow streets
Parking on hills
Areas where stopping, standing, parking prohibited
Parking large vehicles in residential areas limited during certain hours
Parking of unattached trailers (all streets)
Parking space markings
Temporary restrictions (for example, during street sweeping)
Prohibited parking at all times
Prohibited parking — during certain hours
Prohibited parking — large vehicles
One-hour parking
Two-hour parking
Vehicles obstructing driveways
Curb markings; compliance required
Limitations on the right to load and unload
Limitations on use of yellow loading zones
Limitations on use of passenger loading zones
Stopping, standing, and parking in alleys allowed only for purpose of loading and unloading
Loading and unloading on public streets; prohibition
Loading and unloading on public streets; use by vehicles other than buses prohibited
Parking on unpaved areas prohibited
Limitations on sounds from certain commercial vehicles
License plates; mutilation prohibited
Reports of sales or transfers
Bicycle, coaster or toy vehicles upon sidewalk area on Florence Avenue Bridge
Riding in crosswalks
Bicycle registration required
Ch. 74, Sched. I
Speed limits
Ch. 74, Sched. II(A)
Driving or parked off truck route
Ch. 74, Sched. II(B)
Weight limits on certain streets
Ch. 74, Sched. II(C)
Weight limits on certain streets
Ch. 75, Sched. I
Restricted parking
Ch. 75, Sched. II
Parking of heavy vehicles
Peddling, vendors near schools
Cal. Veh. Code
Cal. Veh. Code
Parking violations within intersection
Parking on a crosswalk
Parking between safety zone and curb
Parking at fire station entrance
Parking in public or private driveway
Parking on a sidewalk
Parking opposite an obstruction
Double parking
Parking in a bus zone
Tube or tunnel parking
Curb parking — angle on roadway (18" right curb)
Parking on highway
Parking in space designated for persons with disabilities
Parking by fire hydrant