The authority of the zoning administrator through the site plan review process to require modification of a proposed site plan shall be limited to the following elements in order to achieve the objectives set forth below:
   A.   Traffic And Parking:
      1.   Minimizing dangerous traffic movements.
      2.   Promoting the smooth and efficient flow of traffic in accordance with standards in the "Institute Of Traffic Engineers' Transportation And Traffic Engineering Handbook", and other local sources of authority as adopted by resolution.
      3.   Optimizing the efficient use of parking facilities through provisions for adequate interior circulation, parking stalls and travel aisles.
   B.   Site Layout:
      1.   Promoting compatibility with adjacent and nearby properties.
      2.   Preserving and protecting valuable natural features and amenities to the greatest extent practical.
      3.   Promoting the efficient provision of public services.
   C.   Environmental Protection:
      1.   Preserving existing healthy and long lived trees wherever economically feasible.
      2.   Designing drainage facilities to promote the use and preservation of natural watercourse and patterns of drainage.
      3.   Minimizing alterations to existing topography.
      4.   Protecting important views and vistas as identified in adopted plans.
   D.   Landscaping:
      1.   Promoting the use of plant material compatible with the climate of the region and microclimate conditions on the site.
      2.   Ensuring that plant material can be maintained for long term health and continued growth.
      3.   Maximizing water and energy conservation through the appropriate use of plant materials.
      4.   Ensuring that the arrangement of required landscaping produces the optimal visual effect.
   E.   Signage:
      1.   Ensuring that the location, size and orientation of signage do not impair the visibility of or distract motorists.
      2.   Ensuring that the location, size and orientation of signage minimize obstructions and hazards to pedestrians. (Ord. 26-95 § 2(29-4), 1995)