A.   Owners of an undeveloped parcel may appeal the charge in writing to the director for a determination of the appropriate street lighting charge.
   B.   Any owner or person who considers the city's street lighting charge as applied to a parcel owned by such person to be inaccurate, or who otherwise disagrees with the utility rate determination, may apply to the director for a service charge adjustment. Such a request shall be in writing and state the grounds for such an appeal. The director shall review the case file and determine whether an error was made in the calculation or application of the charge and make an adjustment to the charge, if necessary, to provide for proper application of the city's rates and charges pursuant hereto. In all cases, the decision of the director shall be final unless appealed.
   C.   Any appeal of the amount billed under this chapter shall be filed in writing with the director no later than twenty (20) days after the billing. Any subsequent appeal shall be brought within twenty (20) days after the date of the appealed decision.
   D.   Appeal of decisions made by the director may be brought before the public utilities advisory committee (PUAC), which may reevaluate the issue raised in the appeal. Decisions of the PUAC shall be final and conclusive.
   E.   Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to grant a right to judicial review which does not otherwise exist at law. (Ord. 93-12, 2012)