Reservations for exclusive use of a city golf course such as for group play and outings shall be allowed in accordance with the following guidelines:
   A.   Merchandise Fees: Additional fees above and beyond the regular green and cart fees may be added for group play at the discretion of the head golf professional at each city golf course. A per person minimum merchandise fee may be charged as shown on the Salt Lake City consolidated fee schedule.
   B.   Green Fees: Green fees shown on the Salt Lake City consolidated fee schedule shall be charged for each participant.
   C.   Reasonable Regulations Set By Department Of Public Services: The department of public lands may set reasonable regulations with regard to:
      1.   How many days in advance of the date for which the facility is reserved that all reservation and green fees must be paid;
      2.   Amounts of refunds for cancellations and time in which cancellations must be made;
      3.   Rescheduling "rainouts";
      4.   Minimum and maximum number of golfers;
      5.   Cart reservations;
      6.   Minimum and maximum numbers of holes to be reserved for group play;
      7.   Dates and times for taking group reservations;
      8.   City golf courses for which group reservations may be made;
      9.   Fees for special services requested of the city over and above services normally provided; however, such costs shall reflect actual city costs, including overhead;
      10.   How many group reservations a person or group can make in a single calendar year;
      11.   How many group reservations a person can make per request;
      12.   Making reservations by phone or in person.
   D.   Adjustment Of Programs, Fees, Or Time Frames: Subject to subsection 15.16.031E of this chapter, the director of public lands or the director's designee, with the approval of the mayor or the mayor's designee, shall have the authority, at any time, to adjust the programs, fees, or time frames listed in this section for any city golf course, if the director deems it necessary to increase the use of the golf course or to increase golf course revenue. All changes to programs, fees, or time frames shall be posted immediately at the point of sale in the city golf course clubhouse and on the city golf course website. (Ord. 31-21, 2021: Ord. 11-17, 2017)