A.   When so designated by the City Council, in its appropriation for capital improvements, all City agencies and departments shall expend, as a nondeductible item out of any monies appropriated for the planning, design and construction of construction projects, an amount equal to one percent (1%) of such appropriations for the acquisition and installation of works of art and ornamentation. All requests for appropriations for planning, design and construction of construction projects from eligible funds except projects solely for water or sewer main installation or street improvements, shall include an amount equal to one percent (1%) of the estimated cost of such project for such works of art, and shall be accompanied by a request and specific recommendations from the Design Board for authorization to expend such funds. When the City Council denies any such request, the appropriations for such construction projects shall not include the appropriation of funds for works of art. Such funds shall be expended by the City upon recommendation of the Design Board.
   B.   In addition to the cost of works of art, such appropriation shall be used to provide administration costs and expenses for the Design Board in administering individual projects. The administration costs shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of each such appropriation for works of art.
   C.   If artwork for a capital project is denied by the City Council as a construction project eligible for inclusion under this section, and the Design Board believes such capital project should be so designated, the Design Board may submit a recommendation to the Council outlining the reasons why the capital project should be so designated. The Council shall then decide whether such project shall be designated and such decision shall be final. (Ord. 67-13, 2013)