A.   The Art Design Board shall consist of seven (7) members chosen from a slate of qualified candidates submitted by the Design Board in cooperation with the Council for the Arts. No more than three (3) members shall be professional artists or arts administrators or art teachers involved in the administration or teaching of art at a recognized institution in the City. One member shall be an architect. The remaining members shall be citizens who are actively interested in the visual arts and civic improvement from the City area, though no more than two (2) members shall be from the same City Council district.
   B.   Appointments to the Art Design Board shall be made for terms of three (3) years each.
   C.   The Director of the Council for the Arts, or the Director's designee, shall serve as an ex officio and nonvoting member to coordinate administrative responsibilities. One member shall represent the Council for the Arts.
   D.   No member of the Design Board shall be permitted to receive or authorize any contracts for any work of art, nor shall any member of the Design Board have any financial interest in or benefits in any way financially from any work of art which is recommended, or from any firm or person which receives any contract for such work of art from the City.
   E.   The Design Board shall have such funds, facilities, assistance and employees as may be designated therefor from time to time by the Mayor.
   F.   The recommendations for selection of artists for works of art, by any reasonable method, together with the reviewing of design, execution and placement, and the acceptance of works of art and ornamentation shall be the responsibility of the Design Board in consultation with the architects or managers for the project, and subject to final written approval in each instance by the Mayor or the Mayor's designee.
   G.   Except for works of art donated to the City by a sister city, the Design Board shall be responsible for the examination and acceptance or rejection of all works of art offered to the City as a donation or gift. All such donations or gifts shall meet the same standards as required for percent for arts selection. (Ord. 17-18, 2018)