A.   Limitation: Access to the official personnel file maintained by Human Resources will be limited to the following:
      1.   Human Resources staff.
      2.   The employee, active or terminated, who is the subject of the file.
      3.   A person acting under the employee's power of attorney or with a signed release from the employee.
      4.   A union representative when Human Resources has written consent from the employee.
      5.   Government entities requiring information as part of an investigation, audit or similar need.
      6.   Supervisory personnel overseeing an employee's hiring or current job tasks.
      7.   The City Attorney's Office.
      8.   To comply with any legal requirements.
   B.   Record Of Examination: Human Resources will note in the personnel file the date and time of any examination of the file and the name of the examiner.
   C.   GRAMA Applicability: Access to all personnel records beyond those specified in this chapter will be determined in accordance with the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) and any other applicable laws. (2019 Compilation)