Personnel records may be hard copy or electronic and may include, but are not limited to the following:
   A.   Official Personnel File: The official personnel file maintained in Human Resources may include offer letters, appointment letters, formal disciplinary action, changes in pay, position, performance evaluations, etc.
   B.   Benefits Records: Benefit enrollment records.
   C.   Medical Records: FMLA paperwork, notes from medical providers, documentation related to workers' compensation injuries, documentation regarding business adjustments, modified duty accommodations under the ADA, etc.
   D.   Supervisor Records: These are not official and may include documentation of verbal warnings, performance discussions, informal training records, attendance records, etc.
   E.   Compliance Records: Records created and maintained as part of an investigation, supporting documentation for disciplinary action, employment authorization, etc.
   F.   Hiring Records: Records documenting a hiring process that may include notes from interviews, background checks, tests, etc.
   G.   Other: Other personnel records subject to applicable legal requirements. (2019 Compilation)