55-1-4: POLICY:
   A.   Specified: The Utah State Archives has determined that information stored on optical disk systems is not currently acceptable for records with long term (10 years or greater) or permanent retentions. Records in these categories must first be transferred to accepted media of archival quality before the State Archives receives custody. These media include:
      1.   Paper formats, such as manuals, books, pamphlets, files, etc.
      2.   Microformats that meet American National Standards Institute standards for permanence and legibility.
   B.   Considerations: Specific considerations are listed below:
      1.   Current optical disk systems are completely hardware and software dependent.
      2.   Industry standards do not yet exist that allow compatibility from one system to another.
      3.   The archival quality of optical disks is still questionable. (2019 Compilation)