A.   Instruction In Safety Practices: Supervisors are responsible for instructing their personnel in the safety practices to be observed in their work situations, and for consistently enforcing safety standards and requirements to the utmost of their ability.
   B.   Eliminate Hazards: Supervisors will act positively to eliminate unreasonable hazards in their area of jurisdiction.
   C.   Reporting: Supervisors must promptly report accidents or incidents (even if injuries are not apparent), conduct thorough investigations, and take necessary steps to prevent recurrence, as provided by law.
   D.   Safety Equipment: Supervisors must provide and properly maintain adequate safety equipment and protective devices, and give their full support to all safety procedures, activities and programs, as provided by law.
   E.   Safe Work Practices: Employees are expected to use safe work practices and immediately report unsafe conditions that exist in the workplace as well as throughout the City. Employees must report all injuries, accidents and incidents, regardless of severity.
   F.   Departmental Cooperation: Departments are required to cooperate in all investigations and determine necessary actions to eliminate or control accidents that result in personal injury, property damage or interruption of normal operations. (2019 Compilation)