A.   Scope: The City may pay reasonable and customary relocation expenses as determined by the Mayor or Mayor's designee, when such payment is necessary to hire prospective employees. Refer to the City's Relocation Procedure and Form.
   B.   Relocation Procedure: Relocation expenses shall be reimbursed only in accordance with the City's Relocation Procedure.
   C.   Maximum Reimbursement: Reimbursable expenses shall not exceed fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00).
   D.   Reimbursement Back To City: An employee who receives a relocation reimbursement who voluntarily leaves City employment within two (2) years from their hire date shall be required to reimburse the City on a prorated basis for any relocation expenses received. Reimbursement may also be required for employees who are terminated "for cause", in accordance with the City's Relocation Procedure. (2019 Compilation)