A.   Screening Process:
      1.   The Human Resources Department will gather applications and create an applicant list for each recruitment.
      2.   From the complete applicant list, a list of candidates that meet minimum qualifications will be identified and provided to the hiring authority by the Human Resources Department.
      3.   The hiring authority may only interview applicants on the certified applicant list.
      4.   The Human Resources Department will notify applicants of their application status.
   B.   Interview Process:
      1.   Hiring authorities will make a reasonable attempt to interview applicants on the qualified applicant list deemed as the best qualified based on objective job related criteria.
      2.   In cases where a qualified applicant has been interviewed by the same hiring authority for the same job during the past six (6) months, the hiring authority may choose not to reinterview the applicant. In this case, the applicant will remain active on the qualified applicant list to be considered for future openings.
      3.   The hiring authority may recommend to the Human Resources Department that an applicant be removed for a qualifying reason from the certified applicant list. The Human Resources Department may, in consultation with the City Attorney's Office, determine the applicant is to be removed from the qualified applicant list.
      4.   Hiring authorities will notify all of those on the qualified candidate list of their interview status. (2019 Compilation)