A.   Specified: The Human Resources Department, in consultation with hiring authorities and other subject matter experts, will implement a recruitment strategy for each job vacancy. A recruitment strategy includes:
      1.   Ensuring a current and accurate job description;
      2.   Identifying minimum qualifications, including any applicable education, certification, license and/or experience requirements, based on an analysis of the related duties and responsibilities of the job;
      3.   Developing a job announcement that may include:
         a.   Posting job announcements online;
         b.   Marketing and advertising campaigns; and
         c.   Networking with industry professional organizations.
   B.   Underrepresented Groups: The Human Resources Department will promote, enhance and actively engage in recruitment efforts designed to ensure that minorities, women and persons with disabilities or other groups substantially underrepresented in the workforce are given consideration throughout recruitment and hiring processes. (2019 Compilation)