Building Sewers and Connections
914.01   Unauthorized connections prohibited without permit.
914.02   Permit application; fee; water not metered by Toledo.
914.03   License to construct; revocation; fee.
914.04   Owner to be responsible for costs; indemnity of City.
914.05   Separate sewers required; exception.
914.06   Old sewers connected with new buildings.
914.07   Materials used; approval required.
914.08   Laying sewer pipes; procedure.
914.09   Size and slope.
914.10   Depth and grade; utility connections.
914.11   Low building drains; sewage lifted by artificial means.
914.12   Excavations; requirements.
914.13   Connections to be gastight and watertight.
914.14   Connections; other requirements.
914.15   City Inspector to be notified; inspections.
914.16   Excavations; restoration of property.
914.17   Repair work; stoppages.
914.18   Noncompliance; City to do work; costs.