Animals and Fowl
505.01   Definitions.
505.02   Enforcement by Animal Control Officer; powers and duties.
505.03   Maximum number of dogs and cats permitted.
505.035   Unsanitary conditions.
505.04   Annual registration of dogs; tags required.
505.05   Animals prohibited.
505.06   Barking or howling animals; impounding authorized.
505.07   Animals prohibited in stores or covered malls except for treatment.
505.08   Dogs with blind, deaf or mobility impaired persons.
505.09   Animal nuisance on public or private property.  (Repealed)
505.10   Animals not under control.
505.11   Dangerous and vicious dogs; definitions.  (Repealed)
505.12   Investigation of complaint of dangerous and vicious dogs.
505.13   Appeal procedure in cases of dangerous and vicious dogs.
505.14   Disposition of vicious dogs.
505.15   Insurance for dangerous dogs.
505.16   Restraint of dangerous dogs.
505.17   Inspection obstruction in cases of dangerous dogs.
505.18   Physical harm by dangerous  dogs.
505.19   Impoundment; destruction of dangerous and vicious dogs.
505.20   Banned dogs.
505.21   Neglect to animals.
505.22   Cruelty to animals.
505.23   Tethering animals.
505.24   Abandoning animals.
505.25   General rabies quarantine.
505.26   Quarantine procedure and compliance.
505.27   Impounding procedure; redemption or disposition.
505.28   Court order to remove or destroy animal.
505.29   Administering poison.
505.30   Hunting or killing animals.
505.31   Protection of wild life on public property.
505.32   Trapping.
505.33   Rabies vaccination of cats and dogs.
505.34   Wildlife feeding.
505.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law;
Owner or keeper liable for damages - See Ohio R.C. 951.10
Dog registration - See Ohio R.C. 955.
Discharging firearms prohibited - See GEN OFF 549.10