TITLE ONE - Planning
Chap. 1101.  Charter Provisions.
Chap. 1103.  Planning and Reserving Land for Public Use.
TITLE THREE - Subdivision Regulations
Chap. 1105.  Purpose and Interpretation.
Chap. 1107.  Application and Approval Procedures.
Chap. 1109.  Design Standards and Criteria.
Chap. 1111.  Required Improvements.
Chap. 1113.  Plans, Plats and Documents.
Chap. 1114.  Flood Hazard Areas.
Chap. 1115.  Enforcement, Appeals and Amendments.
TITLE FIVE - General Provisions and Administration
Chap. 1121.  Title, Purpose, and Application.
Chap. 1123.  Definitions.
Chap. 1125.  Administrative Powers and Duties.
Chap. 1127.  Development Plan Review Procedures.
Chap. 1129.  Zoning Certificates and Certificates of Zoning Compliance.
Chap. 1131.  Conditional Use Certificates.
Chap. 1133.  Appeals and Variances.
Chap. 1135.  Amendments.
Chap. 1137.  Submission Requirements.
Chap. 1139.  Non-conforming Uses, Lots and Structures.
Chap. 1141.  Enforcement and Penalties.
TITLE SEVEN - Zoning District/Use Regulations
Chap. 1149.  Establishment of Districts and Map.
Chap. 1151.  Public Facilities District Regulations.
Chap. 1153.  Single-Family and Two-Family Residential District Regulations.
Chap. 1155.  Single-family Attached District Regulations.
Chap. 1157.  Multi-family District Regulations.
Chap. 1159.  Golden Age District Regulations.
Chap. 1161.  Cluster Residential Development Regulations.
Chap. 1163.  Office Building District Regulations.
Chap. 1165.  Central Business Mixed Use District Regulations.
Chap. 1167.  Business Districts Regulations.
Chap. 1169.  Mixed Use Overlay District Regulations.
Chap. 1171.  Service Manufacturing District Regulations.
Chap. 1175.  Flood Damage Reduction.
TITLE ELEVEN - Regulations Applicable to all Districts
Chap. 1181.  General Use Regulations.
Chap. 1183.  Conditional Use Regulations.
Chap. 1185.  Landscaping and Screening Regulations.
Chap. 1187.  Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations.
Chap. 1193.  Sign Regulations.
Chap. 1195.  Adult Use Regulations.