Chapter IV
   Section 14. Ordinances. The council will exercise its legislative authority by adopting ordinances. The enacting clause for all ordinances must state “The City of Rockaway Beach ordains as follows:”.
   Section 15. Ordinance Adoption.
      (a)   Except as authorized by subsection (b), adoption of an ordinance requires approval by three voting councilors at two meetings.
      (b)   The council may adopt an ordinance at a single meeting by the approval of at least three voting councilors, provided the proposed ordinance is available in writing to the public at least one week before the meeting.
      (c)   Any substantive amendment to a proposed ordinance must be read aloud or made available in writing to the public before the council adopts the ordinance at that meeting.
      (d)   After the adoption of an ordinance, the vote of each member must be entered into the council minutes.
      (e)   After adoption of an ordinance, the city custodian of records must endorse it with the date of adoption and the custodian’s name and title.
   Section 16. Effective Date of Ordinances. Ordinances normally take effect on the 30th day after adoption, or on a later day provided in the ordinance. An ordinance may take effect as soon as adopted or other date less than 30 days after adoption if it contains an emergency clause.