Chapter VI
   Section 20. Orders. The council will normally exercise its quasi-judicial authority by approving orders. The approving clause for orders may state “The City of Rockaway Beach orders as follows:”.
   Section 21. Order Approval.
      (a)   Approval of an order or any other council quasi-judicial decision requires approval by the council at one meeting.
      (b)   Any substantive amendment to an order must be read aloud or made available in writing to the public at the meeting before the council adopts the order.
      (c)   After approval of an order or other council quasi-judicial decision, the vote of each member must be entered in the council minutes.
      (d)   After approval of an order, the city custodian of records must endorse it with the date of approval and the custodian’s name and title.
   Section 22. Effective Date of Orders. Orders and other quasi-judicial decisions take effect on the date of final approval, or on a later day provided in the order.