Contracts and Contractors
   35.01   Competitive bidding required
   35.02   Formal contract procedure
   35.03   Preparation of plans
   35.04   Notice inviting bids
   35.05   Scope of notice
   35.06   Bid deposits
   35.07   Bid opening procedure
   35.08   Rejection of bids
   35.09   Bidders in default to the village
   35.10   Award of contract
   35.11   Failure to enter into contract; disability
   35.12   Execution of contracts
   35.13   Essential clauses
   35.14   Open market procedure
   35.15   Professional services exempt from bidding requirements
   35.16   Emergency purchases
   35.17   Cooperative purchasing
   35.18   Expenditure authority
Freedom of Information Act
   35.30   Definitions
   35.31   Policy
   35.32   Individual privacy protected
   35.33   Public records available
   35.34   Freedom of Information Act Officer
   35.35   Requests to be in writing
   35.36   Fees
   35.37   Time limit for compliance with request
   35.38   Extension of time limit (non-commercial purpose); notice
   35.39   Unduly burdensome requests
   35.40   Certain information exempt from inspection and copying
   35.41   Notice of denial of request; request for review
   35.42   Public access counselor; opinions
   35.43   Granting of request; procedure for inspection
   35.44   Written request not required for certain documents
   35.45   Special provisions pertaining to certain law enforcement records
   35.46   Dissemination of information about public bodies
   35.47   List of categories of records
Responsible Bidding
   35.60   Requirements
   35.61   Failure to meet requirements
   35.62   Rejection of bid
   35.63   Debarment
Sexual Harassment
   35.70   Policy prohibiting sexual harassment