The Department is hereby authorized to enforce the payment of charges for water service to any premises by discontinuing the water service to such premises, and the payment of charges for sewage disposal service to any premises may be enforced by discontinuing either the water service or the sewage disposal service to such premises, or both, and an action of assumpsit may be instituted by the City against the customer. The charges for water service and sewage disposal service, which, under the provisions of Act 94 of the Public Acts of 1933, as amended, are made a lien on the premises to which furnished, are hereby recognized to constitute such a lien. The City shall, annually, on April 1, certify all unpaid charges for such services furnished to any premises which, on the March 31 preceding, have remained unpaid for a period of six months, to the City Assessor who shall place the same on the next tax roll of the City. Such charges so assessed shall be collected in the same manner as are general City taxes. In cases where the City is properly notified, in accordance with said Act 94 of 1933, that a tenant is responsible for water or sewage disposal service charges, no such service shall be commenced or continued to such premises until there has been deposited with the Department a sum sufficient to cover two times the average quarterly bill for such premises as estimated by the City, such deposit to be in no case less than ten dollars ($10.00). Where the water service to any premises is turned off to enforce the payment of water service charges or sewage disposal service charges, the water service shall not be recommenced until all delinquent charges have been paid and a deposit as in the case of tenants is made. There shall be a water turn-on charge of ten dollars ($10.00). In any other case where, in the discretion of the City, the collection of charges for water or sewage disposal service may be difficult or uncertain, the City may require a similar deposit. Such deposits may be applied against any delinquent water or sewage disposal service charges of the depositor, and the application thereof shall not affect the right of the Department to turn off the water service and/or sewer service, to any premises for any delinquency thereby satisfied. No such deposit shall bear interest, and such deposit, or any remaining balance thereof, shall be returned to the customer making the same when he or she shall discontinue receiving water and sewage disposal service or, except as to tenants as to whom notice of responsibility for such charges has been filed with the City, when any eight successive quarterly bills shall have been paid by said customer with no delinquency.(Ord. 23B. Passed 1-4-82.)