1044.10   SPECIAL RATES.
   (a)   For any water furnished, the City Council shall fix a reasonable rate based on the size of the meter, the number of connections or any other special considerations. Special rates may be established by the City Council to meet special circumstances or situations where, in its judgment, a special rate is deemed proper and advisable.
   (b)   Where sewage disposal service is furnished to users not connected to the water system, and no meter is used to measure the quantity of water used, or in cases where users make use of large quantities of water which may be discharged into storm sewers, or for other miscellaneous users of water for which special considerations should be given, special rates may be fixed by the City Council.
   (c)   All rates fixed shall at all times be adequate to avoid impairing the rights of the holders of any revenue bonds of the City which may then be outstanding and unredeemed.
   (d)   There shall be a water turn-on charge, after a customer has requested that the water be turned off, as determined by resolution of the City Council.
(Ord. 23L. Passed 12-18-95.)