CHAPTER 18.156
Article I. Adaptive Reuses In Historically Significant Homes
18.156.010: Purpose Of Provisions
18.156.020: Definitions
18.156.030: Commission And Council Approval Requirements
18.156.040: Property Development Standards
Article II. Automobile Service Stations
18.156.170: Purpose Of Provisions
18.156.180: Commission And Council Approval Requirements
18.156.190: Property Development Standards
18.156.200: Equipment Rentals
18.156.210: Self-Service Operations
18.156.220: Combination Uses
Article III. Bed And Breakfast Inns
18.156.230: Purpose Of Provisions
18.156.240: Definitions
18.156.250: Commission Approval Requirements
18.156.260: Property Development Standards
18.156.270: Location; Conditional Use Permit
Article IV. Condominiums And Condominium Conversions
18.156.280: Purpose Of Provisions
18.156.290: Definitions
18.156.300: Commission And Council Approval Requirements
18.156.310: Application; Requirement And Procedures
18.156.320: Application; Approval Conditions
18.156.330: Covenants, Conditions And Restrictions
18.156.340: Final Map Approval Conditions
Article V. Drive-Through Restaurants And Services
18.156.350: Purpose Of Provisions
18.156.360: Commission And Council Approval Required
18.156.370: Property Development Standards
18.156.380: Traffic Study Required
Article VI. Nonresidential Uses In A Residential Building
18.156.390: Purpose Of Provisions
18.156.400: Use In Certain Zones Permitted When
18.156.410: Commission Approval Required
18.156.420: Property Development Standards
Article VII. Second Residential Dwelling Units
18.156.430: Purpose Of Provisions
18.156.440: Second Unit Defined
18.156.450: Approval Required
18.156.460: Property Development Standards
Article VIII. Family Daycare Homes
18.156.570: Purpose Of Provisions
18.156.580: Definitions
18.156.590: Application Requirements
18.156.610: Development Standards
Article IX. Automobile Sales Development Standards
18.156.650: Purpose Of Provisions
18.156.660: Property Development Standards
Article X. Private Residential Recreation Courts
18.156.700:    Purpose Of Article
18.156.710:    Compliance; And Permitted Courts
18.156.720:    Courts Permitted By Administrative Use Permit
18.156.730:    Fencing Development Standards
18.156.740:    Landscape Development Standards
18.156.750: Lighting Development Standards
Article XI. Recycling Centers
18.156.800:    Purpose Of Article
18.156.810:    Definitions
18.156.820:    Permit Requirements
18.156.830: Development And Operating Standards