A.   Any person may appeal a decision of the Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission to the City Council. The person making the appeal shall file the same within ten (10) days of the date of the commission's decision with the City Clerk. The appeal shall be in writing, on the form provided by the City Clerk, and shall be accompanied by payment of the applicable fees. Upon receiving a request for an appeal to the City Council, the City Clerk shall notify the applicant for the demolition permit, in writing, and shall place the appeal on the agenda for the next regular Council meeting scheduled to be held at least ten (10) days after the date on which the appeal is received.
   B.   At the appeal, the City Council shall hear testimony from the applicant, staff and the public concerning the historical, architectural or cultural significance of the structure. After considering the determination by the commission, together with all testimony from interested persons, the City Council shall confirm, modify or reject the decision of the commission.
   C.   After hearing testimony at the public hearing, if the City Council determines that the demolition of the structure is justified, the permit to demolish the structure shall be issued in accordance with this Code. If the City Council determines, after hearing evidence at the public hearing, that the demolition shall be postponed as ordered by the commission, the demolition permit shall not be issued until expiration of the period for delay imposed by the commission. The decision of the City Council shall be final. (Ord. 2899 §5, 2019)