General Provisions
   95.01   Animals; running at large
   95.02   Animals; prohibited animals and fowl; special permits
   95.03   Animals; prohibited animals­general regulations
   95.04   Killing and injuring
   95.05   Enclosures
   95.06   Abandonment, neglect and cruelty
   95.07   Pitting prohibited
Dogs and Cats; General Provisions
   95.20   Dogs and cats; owner defined
   95.21   Dogs and cats; running at large
   95.22   Rabies threat; proclamation; inspection
   95.23   Capture impossible
   95.24   Female in season
   95.25   Dangerous dogs
   95.26   Liability of owner
   95.27   Impounding
   95.28   Animal shelter
   95.29   Dogs and cats: license required
   95.30   Application
   95.31   Rabies inoculation required
   95.32   License fee
   95.33   License exceptions
   95.34   Dog guides, hearing aid dogs, and service dogs; exempt from license tax
   95.35   License tags
   95.36   Wrong licensing
   95.37   Uncollared dogs or cats
   95.38   Removal of tags
   95.39   Removal of dog, cat and other animal defecation from public and private properties.
   95.40   Limitation
   95.41   Exception to the restrictions on the number of dogs or cats
   95.42   Harboring
   95.43   Petitions complaining of vicious or barking dogs or crying cats
   95.44   Confinement of dogs and cats
   95.99   Penalty