It is hereby declared to be a nuisance and to be against the public health, safety and welfare of the village for any person within the limits of the village to permit the following, but the enumeration of the following nuisances shall not be deemed to be exclusive:
   (A)   Filth. To cause or allow the carcass of any animal or any offal, filth or noisome substance to be collected, deposited or to remain in any place to the prejudice of others;
   (B)   Deposit of offensive materials. To throw or deposit any offal or other offensive matter, or the carcass of any dead animal in any watercourse, lake, pond, spring, well or common sewer, street or public highway;
   (C)   Corruption of water. To corrupt or render unwholesome or inure the water of any spring, river, stream, pond or lake to the injury or prejudice of others;
   (D)   Highway encroachment. To obstruct or encroach upon public highways, private ways, streets, alleys, commons, landing places and ways to burying places;
   (E)   Manufacturing gunpowder. To carry on the business of manufacturing gunpowder, nitroglycerine or other highly explosive substances, or mixing or grinding the materials therefor in any building within 500 feet of any valuable building erected at the time such business may be commenced;
   (F)   Powder magazines. To establish powder magazines near incorporated towns at a point different from that appointed according to law by the corporate authorities of the town or within 1,000 feet of any occupied dwelling house;
   (G)   Noxious odors. To erect, continue or use any building or other place for the exercise of any trade, employment or manufacture which, by occasioning noxious exhalations, offensive smells or otherwise, is offensive or dangerous to the health of individuals or of the public;
   (H)   Unlawful advertising. To advertise wares or occupations by painting notices of the same on or affixing them to fences or other private property or on rocks or other natural objects without the consent of the owner or, if in the highway or other public place, without permission of the proper authorities;
   (I)   Bodies of water. To create any condition, through the improper maintenance of a swimming pool or wading pool, or by causing any action which alters the condition of a natural body of water, so that it harbors mosquitoes, flies or other animal pests that are offensive, injurious or dangerous to the health of individuals or the public;
   (J)   Storing debris.
      (1)   To store, dump or permit the accumulation of debris, refuse, garbage, trash, tires or junk in open sight on one’s property and not in a proper storage receptacle is offensive, injurious or dangerous to the health of individuals or the public. A proper receptacle to house or store debris, refuse, garbage, trash, tires or junk is within a dumpster, garbage can or stored within a warehouse or building; and
      (2)   To store, dump or permit that accumulation of debris, refuse, garbage, trash, tires, junk, buckets, cans, wheelbarrows, garage cans or other containers in a manner that may harbor mosquitoes, flies, insects, rodents, nuisance birds or other animal pests that are offensive, injurious or dangerous to the health of individuals or the public.
   (K)   Discarded materials. To permit concrete bases, discarded machinery and materials to remain around any abandoned oil or gas well. To fail to fill any holes, cellars, slush pits and other excavations made in connection with any such abandoned well or to restore the surface of the lands surrounding any such well to its condition before the drilling of any such well, upon abandonment of any such oil or gas well;
   (L)   Underground wells. To permit any salt water, oil, gas or other wastes from any well drilled for oil, gas or exploratory purposes to escape to the surface, or into a mine or coal seam, or into any underground fresh water supply or from one underground stratum to another;
   (M)   Harassment. To harass, intimidate or threaten any person who is about to sell or lease or has sold or leased a residence or other real property, or is about to buy or lease, or has bought or leased a residence or other real property when the harassment, intimidation or threat relates to a person’s attempt to sell, buy or lease a residence or other real property or refers to a person’s sale, purchase or lease of a residence or other real property;
   (N)   Business. To establish, maintain and carry on any offensive, pornographic or unwholesome business within the limits of the village or within one and one-half miles of the limits;
   (O)   Filthy premises conditions. To keep or suffer to be kept in a foul, offensive, nauseous or filthy condition any chicken coop, cow barn, stable, cellar, vault, drain, privy, sewer or sink upon any premises belonging to or occupied by any person, or any railroad car, building, yard, grounds and premises belonging to or occupied by any person;
   (P)   Expectorate. To expectorate (spit) on any public sidewalk or street or other public building or floor or walk of any public vehicle or hall;
   (Q)   Litter on streets. It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit or allow trash, paper, cardboard, wire, dirt, rock, stone, glass, brick, lumber, wood or litter or material objects of any size or description to fall upon the streets of the village or from any moving vehicle, to be thrown from a moving vehicle or to throw from a moving vehicle and to remain thereon;
   (R)   Accumulation of junk and trash. To deposit or pile up any rags, old rope, paper, iron, brass, copper, tin, aluminum, ashes, garbage, refuse, hazardous waste, plastic, brush, litter, weeds, slush, lead, glass bottles or broken glass upon any lot, piece or parcel of land or upon any public or private alley, street or public way within the village;
   (S)   Rodents. To cause or permit any condition or situation to exist that shall attract, harbor or encourage the infestation of rodents;
   (T)   Bringing nuisances into the village. To bring into the village or keep therein for sale or otherwise, either for food or for any other purpose, any dead or alive animal or any matter, substance or thing which shall be a nuisance or which shall occasion a nuisance in the village or which may or shall be dangerous or detrimental to health;
   (U)   Offensive liquids. To keep any nauseous, foul or putrid liquid or substance or any liquid or substance likely to become nauseous, foul, offensive or putrid, nor permit any such liquid to be discharged, placed, thrown or to flow from or out of any premises into or upon any adjacent premises or any public street or alley, nor permit the same to be done by any person connected with the premises; and
   (V)   Generally. To commit any offense which is a nuisance according to the common law of the land or made such by statute of the state.
(Ord. 11-433, passed 11-7-2011)  Penalty, see § 10.99