(A)   The village may abate nuisances by the dismantling, destruction or removal of same. If the nuisance creates an immediate and severe danger to the health and welfare of the residents, it may be abated without notice. If the nuisance does not immediately endanger the health and welfare of the residents, prior to abatement, the Village Clerk shall mail, by certified mail, to the party responsible for the nuisance and the record title owner written notice that the property constitutes a nuisance. The notice shall contain the following:
      (1)   A description of what constitutes the nuisance;
      (2)   The location of the nuisance;
      (3)   A statement of what condition or state of affairs must be achieved for the nuisance to be deemed abated;
      (4)   A statement suggesting how such abatement might be accomplished;
      (5)   The date by which abatement must be completed, which is seven days from the mailing of the notice; and
      (6)   A statement that if the nuisance is not abated within the time period given in the notice, the village shall undertake such abatement as it shall deem necessary for the public good and welfare of the village and shall, thereafter, make such charges against the record title owner and the property where the abatement was carried out, as the law shall allow.
   (B)   (1)   If the whereabouts or address of the record title owner cannot be ascertained, then notice shall be given by publication in a newspaper within the county.
      (2)   The village shall not abate the nuisance until seven days after service by newspaper notice, if the danger created is not an immediate danger.
(Ord. 13-463, passed 3-4-2013)