General Provisions
   50.01   Definitions
   50.02   Public sewer use required
   50.03   Private wastewater disposal
   50.04   Tampering with wastewater facilities
   50.05   Removal of town from the jurisdiction of the state Utility Regulatory Commission
Building Sewers and Connections
   50.15   Permit required for connection
   50.16   Costs to be borne by owner
   50.17   Separate building sewer for each building
   50.18   Construction specifications
   50.19   Lifting of building drains
   50.20   Connections of surface runoff or groundwater; connection to private sewage disposal system
   50.21   Connections to be gaslight and watertight
   50.22   Superintendent to be notified when building sewer ready for inspection
   50.23   Excavations to be guarded
Use of Public Sewers
   50.35   Discharge of unpolluted waters
   50.36   Prohibited discharges
   50.37   Limitations on substances, waters and wastes
   50.38   Actions by Superintendent
   50.39   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   50.40   Structure for observation, sampling and measurement of wastes
   50.41   Information that may be required of user
   50.42   Measurements, tests and analyses
   50.43   Special agreements
Rates and Charges
   50.55   Purpose
   50.56   Definitions
   50.57   Operation, maintenance and replacement fund
   50.58   Rates schedule
   50.59   Billing procedures; delinquency
   50.60   Report of wastewater characteristics; revision of rates
   50.61   Dispute of charges
   50.62   Annual review of charges
Administration and Enforcement
   50.75   Powers and authority of inspectors
   50.76   Notice of violation
   50.77   Liability for expense, loss or damage
   50.99   Penalty