Parks and Recreation in General
   97.001   Authority to operate
   97.002   Administration of parks and recreation programs
General Provisions
   97.015   Naming of town parks
Park Concessions
   97.030   Application
   97.031   Permit fees
   97.032   Hours of operation
   97.033   Maintenance of concession stand
   97.034   Prohibitions
   97.035   Special events
   97.036   Insurance
Park Rules and Regulations
   97.050   Purpose
   97.051   Parks and other recreation areas defined
   97.052   Park/trail hours
   97.053   Vehicles left in parks after closing hours
   97.054   Disposal of rubbish, refuse and garbage
   97.055   Altering or removing signs, structures, fixtures and other improvements prohibited
   97.056   Disturbing, injuring or removing wildlife and vegetation prohibited
   97.057   Swimming prohibited
   97.058   Pet supervision required
   97.059   Camping prohibited
   97.060   Fires and fireworks prohibited
   97.061   Solicitations, commercial sales and commercial photography prohibited
   97.062   Speed limits
   97.063   Bicycle/pedestrian trail restrictions
   97.064   Other prohibited activities
   97.065   Possession, consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages prohibited
   97.066   Smoking prohibited
   97.067   Deadly weapons prohibited
   97.068   Discharging a firearm prohibited
   97.069   Prohibited persons
   97.070   Prohibited activities in Friendship Gardens Park
   97.071   Shelter and ball field rentals
   97.072   Remedies
Park Impact Fee
   97.085   Limitation on imposition of impact fee
   97.086   Establishment of impact zone
   97.087   Zone improvement plan
   97.088   Establishment of park and recreational impact fee
   97.089   Credit in lieu of payment; exemptions
   97.090   Impact fee due upon issuance of structural building permit
   97.091   Lien rights established
   97.092   Form of receipt
   97.093   Impact Fee Review Board
   97.094   Appeals
   97.095   Establishment of Park and Recreational Fund
   97.096   Use of impact fees collected
   97.097   House Enrolled Act No. 1467
   97.098   Amendments and review
   97.099   Effective date
   97.999   Penalty