A.   Payment of Fees – Dedication of Land. In an attendance area where the City Council has concurred as provided in Section 16.40.030 that overcrowding exists, the applicant of a proposed residential development, as a condition of approval for the obtaining of a building permit, shall pay fees, make an equivalent arrangement in lieu of, dedicate land, or do a combination thereof unless accepted as provided in Section 16.40.030 as determined by the Council or other city decision making body during the hearings and other proceedings on specific residential development applications falling within their respective jurisdictions.
   B.   Payment of Fees in Small Residential Developments. Only the payment of fees shall be required in residential development containing fifty parcels or less, or other developments containing fifty units or less.
   C.   Standards for Fees or Land. Any requirement imposed pursuant to this chapter shall bear a reasonable relationship and will be limited to the needs of the community for interim elementary or high school facilities, and shall be reasonably related and limited to the need for the schools caused by the development.
   D.   Amount of Fees or Land.
   1.   When fees are required by this chapter to be paid in lieu of land dedication or as a combination, or both, such fees shall be, and paid, as follows:
One bedroom living unit
No Contribution
Two bedroom living unit
Threebedroom living unit
Four bedroom living unit
Five bedroom living unit
      2.   The total land area required by this chapter to be dedicated shall be at least equal in monetary value to the fees which would be otherwise required by subdivision 1 of this subsection. The city administrator shall determine and establish the monetary value of land area for the purpose of this division.
   E.   Changes in Fee Structure. Upon request of the governing board of the school district, the City Council shall evaluate the fee schedule set forth in subdivision 1 of subsection D of this section, and adjust the figures to reflect increases or decreases in costs of alleviating conditions of overcrowding. (Ord. 438 § 1(part), 1982).