A.   Fee Required. If the payment of a fee is required, the payment shall be made prior to the approval and issuance of a building permit. Fees shall be paid to the affected school district, which shall furnish the applicant with written receipt of such payment.
   B.   Land Dedication. When land is to be dedicated, it shall be offered for dedication in substantially the same manner as prescribed in this title. Land shall be deeded directly to the school district or districts under procedures adopted by the City Council .
   C.   Refunds.
      1.   If a final subdivision map, a parcel map or conditional use permit is vacated or voided, and if the city still retains the land, and if the applicant so requests, the city shall order the land returned.
      2.   If a final subdivision map, a parcel map, conditional use permit, development plan or building permit is cancelled or voided, and if the affected school district still retains the land and/or fees, and if the applicant so requests, the school district shall return to applicant the land and/or fees. If the school district has been caused to incur fees or costs in connection with the transfer or retransfer of any such land, the applicant shall reimburse the school district, as a condition of retransfer of title, for all fees and costs necessitated thereby.
   D.   School District Schedule. Following concurrence by the City Council pursuant to Section 16.40.030 C, the City Manager or his or her designee shall notify each school district affected thereby. The governing board of the school district shall then submit a schedule specifying how it will use the fees or land, or both, to solve the conditions of overcrowding. The schedule shall include the school sites to be used, the classroom facilities to be made available and the time when such facilities will be available. In the event the governing board of the school district cannot meet the schedule, it shall submit modifications to the City Council and the reasons for the modifications. (Ord. 438 § 1(part), 1982).