16.40.020 DEFINITIONS.
   A.   BEDROOM. A room with a dwelling unit other than a living room adjacent to the main entry, a dining room adjacent to the kitchen, a family room adjacent to a kitchen or dining room, a kitchen, halls, dining rooms, closets and bathrooms.
   B.   CONDITIONS OF OVERCROWDING. That the total enrollment of a school, including enrollment from proposed developments, exceeds the capacity of the school as determined by the governing body of the district.
   C.   DWELLING UNIT. A building or a portion thereof, or a mobile home, designed for residential occupancy by one person or a group of two or more persons living together as a domestic unit.
   D.   REASONABLE METHODS FOR MITIGATING CONDITIONS OF OVER- CROWDING. Include, but are not limited to, agreements between a subdivider and the affected school district whereby temporary use buildings will be leased to the school district or temporary use buildings owned by the school district will be used.
   E.   RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT. A project containing residential dwellings, including mobile homes, of one or more units or a subdivision of land for the purpose of constructing one or more residential dwelling units. Residential development includes, but is not limited to, a preliminary or final development plan, a subdivision tentative or final map, a parcel map, a conditional use permit, a building permit, or any other discretionary permit for new residential use. (Ord. 438 § 1 (part), 1982).