General Provisions
   71.01   Duty to drive on right half of street; generally
   71.02   Duty to drive on right half; when crossing intersection or railroad
   71.03   Meeting of vehicles
   71.04   Driving on roadways laned for traffic
   71.05   Passing vehicle proceeding in same direction; generally
   71.06   Passing vehicle; when permitted on right
   71.07   Passing vehicle; duty of driver of overtaken vehicle
   71.08   Right-of-way generally
   71.09   Exceptions to the right-of-way rule
   71.10   Method of turning at intersections
   71.11   Signals on starting, stopping or turning; required
   71.12   Signals; manner of giving
   71.13   Duty of drivers of vehicles upon approach of authorized emergency vehicles
   71.14   Following fire apparatus or driving near scene of fire
   71.15   Driving over fire hose or blocking fire apparatus
   71.16   Limitations on backing
   71.17   Entering intersections and marked crosswalks restricted
   71.18   Driving vehicles on sidewalks
   71.19   Using wheels with cleats, lugs or flanges over streets and the like prohibited
   71.20   Corner-cutting
   71.21   Following too closely
   71.22   Driving overloaded or overcrowded vehicle
   71.23   Skating
   71.24   Right turns on red
Commercial Vehicles
   71.35   Operating commercial vehicles in residential areas (without permit)
   71.36   Purpose
   71.37   Definitions
   71.38   Permit
   71.39   Effective date
Speed Restrictions
   71.50   Maximum speed generally
   71.51   Variation of maximum speed limits
   71.52   School zones
   71.53   Exemptions
   71.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Operation of vehicles and rules of the road, see G.S. §§ 20-138.1 et seq.