Parking Generally
   72.001   Obstructional parking; double parking
   72.002   Manner of parking
   72.003   Limitations on stopping and parking; notice by official sign, painted curb, or the like required
   72.004   Parking schedules
   72.005   Parking restricted to allow street cleaning
   72.006   All-night parking
   72.007   Parking on off-street facility
   72.008   Owner responsibility
   72.009   Parking of trucks restricted; trucks with volatile loads
   72.010   Display of parked vehicle for sale; parking of disabled vehicles
   72.011   Parking for persons with disabilities
   72.012   Loading zones
   72.013   Parking of vehicles exceeding weight limit
   72.014   Stopping, parking against flow of traffic
   72.015   Fifteen (15) minute parking
   72.016   Ten (10) minute parking
   72.017   Veterans parking
   72.018   City Manager shall designate parking zone
   72.019      Curbside customer pick-up for restaurants and shopping
Sheriff’s Inspection Parking
   72.055   Designated area
Snow Emergency
   72.070   Announcement of snow emergency
   72.071   Termination of emergency
   72.072   Snow emergency routes
Taxi Stands
   72.080   Designation of spaces
   72.081   [Reserved]
   72.082   Time limit on parking
   72.083   Use of taxi stand as loading zone
Parking Authority
   72.095   [Reserved]
   72.096   [Reserved]
   72.097   [Reserved]
   72.098   [Reserved]
   72.099   Issuance and sale of revenue bonds
   72.100   Board of Commissioners to fix rates for use of facilities
   72.101   Duration of Parking Authority
Parking Citation Enforcement
   72.990   Citation procedure
   72.991   Procedure for person receiving citation
   72.992   Procedure for contesting citation
   72.993   Impoundment procedure
   72.994   Interference with any enforcement procedure prohibited
   72.995   Security officers of Pikeville Medical Center and Pikeville College
   72.996   Personnel administering citation
   72.997   Tow truck service
   72.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Revenues from fees, fines, and forfeitures related to parking, see KRS 65.120