(a)   Whenever, during any period of 24 hours or less, snow falls to a depth of two inches or more within the City, an emergency is declared to exist.
   (b)   All owners and operators of motor vehicles shall have full responsibility to determine existing weather conditions and comply with emergency parking regulations.
   (c)   During the period of emergency the Director of Public Safety may prohibit the parking of any vehicle upon any City street. No person, during such period of emergency, shall park, or cause to be parked, or permit to remain parked, or abandon or leave unattended, any vehicle upon such specified streets. However, vehicles may be parked for a period of not longer than three minutes for the loading or unloading of passengers, or 30 minutes for actual loading or unloading of property or goods, provided that no other ordinance restricting parking as to place or time is violated thereby.
   (d)   Any motor vehicle parked in violation of this section may be impounded or towed away by the police or under authority of the Police Department, at the cost and expense of the owner of the vehicle. Such remedy shall be in addition to the penalty provided in Section 351.99.
(Ord. 1992-5. Passed 2-24-92.)