Chapter 16.50
   *   Editor's Note: Former Chapter 16.50, entitled "Historic Designation and Demolition of Pre-1940 Residential Structures," was adopted as an interim ordinance. The city had intended to implement a full revision of Chapter 16.49 prior to the expiration of Chapter 16.50 on March 31, 1999. On February 22, 1999, the city adopted Ordinance No. 4549, which ordinance was intended to provide further interim regulations regarding demolition and major alteration of certain historic resources pending completion of revisions to Chapter 16.49.
   On June 28, 1999, the council adopted Ordinance No. 4571, which ordinance would have effected amendments to Chapter 16.49, as well as other related legislation in the code. However, Ordinance 4571 was subject to petition and was rejected by vote of the electorate on March 7, 2000. Because Ordinance No. 4549 was adopted as an interim measure, and in order to give effect to the voters' rejection of the permanent historic preservation, Ordinance No. 4549 was repealed by Ordinance No. 4633, effective June 8, 2000.