2.30.410   Formal request for proposals.
   (a)   Advertising. Contracts that must be solicited by formal request for proposals shall be solicited by notice requesting proposals by advertising the notices requesting proposals on the City’s website for no fewer than five days prior to the date set for the submission of proposals. As practicable, proposals shall be solicited from a minimum of three proposers.
   (b)   Proposal submittal. The request for proposals shall specify the date, time and place for submitting proposals and describe the scope and time frame for the delivery of the proposed solution requested, the information to be submitted by the proposer, and the criteria for evaluating the proposal.
   (c)   Proposal opening. Proposals received after the specified date and time shall not be accepted and shall be returned unopened unless opening is necessary for identification purposes.
   (d)   Award. The contract shall be awarded on the basis of the proposal deemed most advantageous to the city.
   (e)   The following factors shall be considered in determining the proposal deemed most advantageous to the city:
   (1)   Quality of the proposal;
   (2)   Quality, performance and effectiveness of the solution, goods and/or services to be provided by the consultant or the contractor;
   (3)   Consultant or contractor’s experience, including the experience of staff to be assigned to the project, with engagements of similar scope and complexity;
   (4)   Cost to the city;
   (5)   Consultant or contractor’s financial condition and stability;
   (6)   Consultant or contractor’s ability to perform the contract within the time specified;
   (7)   Consultant or contractor’s prior record of performance with the city or other local, county or state agency, if applicable;
   (8)   Consultant or contractor’s ability to provide in the future any maintenance, repairs, parts and/or services, if applicable;
   (9)   Consultant or contractor’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies (including city policies), guidelines and orders governing prior or existing contracts performed by the consultant or contractor; and
   (10)   Any other factor or factors the city deems relevant as specified in the request for proposals.
(Ord. 5494 § 23, 2020: Ord. 5387 § 1 (part), 2016: Ord. 4827 § 1 (part), 2004)